Becoming Raw - 5 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Nutrition At Every Meal!

If so, I bet when you feel like this, you normally grab a soda or a candy bar to give yourself a quick boost of energy. Hey, you're busy, I know. We all do it. That's why there's a vending machine in many office buildings and workplace break rooms. They know we are going to run out of energy and need a quick pick me up.

This plant is one the healthiest things you can consume. A small service of wheatgrass powder can give you almost an entire serving of your recommended greens. It can also be used for dieting. For example, you can try mixing some wheatgrass powder or juicing in fruit smoothie and it can substitute for a meal.


The body needs to evacuate toxins. Some toxins are absorbed from the environment, and some are simply a byproduct of living. The more efficiently toxins are evacuated, the healthier the body will be. Most children and young people are good at this, but we seem to get less efficient as we age. It's easy to just blame age.and accept it, but lets consider it another way. As the body becomes acidic through lifestyle, it gets worse at effectively cleaning itself out. As toxins build up in our bodies throughout our life, our filter starts to get clogged up. And when the filter gets clogged, we start to swell up, literally. If the body senses that there are to many acid chemicals in the bloodstream (with access to organs and the brain) it must remove them from the system.

Wheatgrass looks like grass. If you buy it in your local health food store, make sure it's green and upright, not dry and tired-looking. It also comes as a powder or pill - or you can buy it frozen and ready to use. But growing your own is definitely the best way - you know that your wheatgrass is as fresh as it can be. Treat it like a houseplant which you water regularly and cut as required. There are wheatgrass kits which come with full instructions on how to use it.

Another type of colon cleanse product is the one that you purchase either at the store or through a mail order company. These colon cleanses tend to work well although they can be harsh at times. Some of the things that you may need to look out for when using a store-bought colon cleanse is allergic reactions, the colon cleansing to quickly or perhaps even uncontrollable gas (yes this has happened). The good part about cleaning your colon using one of these products is that you will notice things coming out of you that you could never have imagined were in there. Some of these could be parasites and stones.



Look for formulas that include chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass and barley greens - among others. The powder you choose should be organic and raw. This will read more ensure that it still contains the nutrients you are looking to gain. A processed product that has been exposed to high heat will be void of nutrients. To consume the powder, add it to your favorite fruit juice or smoothies.

Remember, you get what you pay for. If you plan on doing heavy-duty juicing on a regular basis, give serious consideration to purchasing a juicer with a more powerful motor. A motor that purrs as it produces will make you and your friends happy campers.

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